About Us

    In 2011, our journey began with a vision to develop an exceptional photo and video editing application. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate top-tier editing filters and tools with thoughtful curation, all within a diverse community catering to creative professionals like ourselves.

    Since inception, our mission has remained unwavering—to foster creativity and empower you to bring your vision to life.

    Our Evolution Over the years, we’ve cultivated a dynamic global platform that brings together creators who continually inspire us and shape our growth.

    Listening to their narratives has guided us towards emphasizing three fundamental elements: a creator-centric editing experience with flexibility and control; enhanced avenues for connecting with fellow creators; and a transparent means of supporting themselves and the work they admire.

    Unveiling Our Current Inspiration Creativity is a dynamic force, ever-changing in its expressions. Whether immersed in a photo shoot, experimenting for the next project, or simply capturing life’s moments, we are committed to refining our craft, broadening our perspectives, and telling richer stories. Our purpose is to evolve continually.

    We are convinced that you share this spirit of growth and creativity. You, our source of inspiration, possess the potential to achieve anything with the right creative tools, motivating resources, and a supportive community. Consider this an investment in your creative journey. Come, join us.